Accolades & Awards

Harvey Ruttenberg has had the privilege of providing EPA and OSHA Compliance Speaking Engagements to leading corporations, educational facilities. His organization was involved in  producing EPA and OSHA Compliance Manuals, Facility Inspections, OSHA Audits, production of Material Data Sheet manuals, EPA/OSHA Hotlines, Newsletters that are still in use by... 

Genuine Parts Company, NAPA Auto Parks, Motion Industries, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Chrysler Mopar, CRC, Safety Kleen, Oxford Corporate, MIDAS, Bearings Inc, Chemical Producers and Distributors Association, Seeley Conference, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Paint, Body and Equipment Association, Meineke, Zep, National Service Industries, Maquiladora Twin Plants, Labelmaster, SCM Glidco

Harvey Ruttenberg has written articles throughout his career that have been published in Modern Paint and Coatings, The Generators Journal, Aerosol Age, NAPA publications, Automotive Dealers Association, Farm Chemicals, Aerosal Age, Parts and Accessories, Environmental Express, Who's Who in America

Harvey Ruttenberg has provided his creative expertise, sales/marketing and management experience and is responsible for extending the reach of a wide range of major corporations, leading Consumer Package Goods brands including Warner Lambert, Parker Davis, Schick, American Chicle, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Bristol Myers, SCM Glidco, Safety-Kleen, American Home Products, EKCO Houseware, Dow Chemical, General Mills, Coca Cola, Schering Plough, Bayer, Medline Industries, Kraft Foods, Nabisco, 3M, Beiersdorf, Mondelez, Bayer, P&G, National Service Industries

Mr Ruttenberg high profile customer and clients are among the most powerful companies in distribution and have extended their reach beyond their traditional channels throughout the years.

Harvey Ruttenberg has secured placement of business and products with nearly every conceivable channel of distribution and continues to serve the best in every trade.

Brand Management Associates proudly presents our credentials and list of notable achievments.

Our organization has been integrally involved in the creation, development, introduction and rollout of a wide range of national brands, product line extensions and exciting new categories.

We continue to provide new avenues of distribution, increased penetration, creative marketing and growth to many of the largest brands in the world.

Our combined brand portfolio include the introduction and expansion of the following success stories:

Brands to Commercial Markets

Cheerios, Trix, Green Giant
Chex Mix, Nature Valley, Wheaties
Pepsi Cola
Chiclets, Trident, Certs, Bubbaloo
Listerine, Lubriderm, Rolaids
Zantac, Tylenol, Aleve, Advil
Halls, Visine, Cold-Eze
Excedrin, Bayer
Betty Crocker, PopSmart
J&J First Aid
Drammamine, Cortizone

Brands to Retail/Specialty Markets

Germ Extinguisher
Mack Truck
North Safety
Nivea, Eucerin
Goliath, Fiesta Latino
Snapple, Snapple Element
Mountain Dew(relaunch)
Mistic Rain Forest
Canada Dry, Sunkist, A&W
Blimpie, Cheesecake Factory
(Dedicated brand programs)

Our combined customer base is extensive and covers every major channel of distribution. We are well established at all levels of sales, including headquarters, reginal & local

Our network of brokers, sales reps and national account managers of orchestrate, manage and motivate people, products and promotions.

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