About Us


We live and thrive in both retail and commercial worlds. Our Team has immediate access to 1000's of distributors, leading catalogers, national accounts, DVD organizations, food service organizations, and vending firms.


Brand Management is a unique product development and distribution organization. We specialize in the sales, marketing and channel implementation of major branded products to and through non-traditional alternative markets and emerging trade class industries.

Our objective is to identify, develop, design, produce, acquire, market, and distribute your products and services. Our services are tailored to work within the parameters of your budget, work force, product range and corporate vision. We look forward to working with you and your team in extending your reach beyond your expectations. 

Brand Management is firmly committed to building the single largest organization specializing in brand development, market transition, and innovative growth opportunities
Our international sales organization consist of Corporate Account Managers and Trade Class Supervisors with offices in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

In addition to blanketing the food, mass and drug trade classes, we have thorough coverage to and through the most important segments of emerging, special retail, non-traditional military, and international markets.
Our management team is comprised of the best in the business.

-Brand Management is a Specialty Markets Sales Organizations.
-We are the LEADERS in taking Nationally Recognized Brands into non-traditional and alternative marketing channels.
-We specialize in extending the reach of our Client's beyond their traditional markets. Deep market penetration and distribution as we increase their corporate sales volume.
-We deliver sustainable growth in non-traditional channels not typically covered by their Direct Sales Organizations.

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Expanding Your Reach

Brands to Commercial Markets

Cheerios, Trix, Green Giant
Chex Mix, Nature Valley, Wheaties
Pepsi Cola
Chiclets, Trident, Certs, Bubbaloo
Listerine, Lubriderm, Rolaids
Zantac, Tylenol, Aleve, Advil
Halls, Visine, Cold-Eze
Excedrin, Bayer
Betty Crocker, PopSmart
J&J First Aid
Dramamine, Cortizone

Germ Extinguisher
Mack Truck
North Safety
Nivea, Eucerin
Goliath, Fiesta Latino
Snapple, Snapple Element
Mountain Dew (relaunch)
Mistic Rain Forest
Canada Dry, Sunkist, A&W
Blimpie, Cheesecake Factory
(dedicated brand programs)


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